12.06.2013  |  The Detroit News

You have heard me preach that sealing drafts in your home and upgrading your insulation are investments that will provide you with a good return over time. Now Dow Building Solutions is taking that philosophy one step further and is conducting a real-world research project in Midland to determine the impact energy efficient measures can have on a new home’s utility bills, durability and comfort levels.

Dow Building Solutions (building.dow.com) is a business unit of Dow Chemical Company and has been involved in developing solutions to maximize energy efficiency and improve a home’s comfort levels for more than 60 years. Now the company is testing its products with the Twelve Energy Efficiency Test Homes (TEETH) project. Dow, in collaboration with Cobblestone Homes (cobblestone.me) launched the project in 2012 with the construction of 12 almost identical test homes featuring a different combination of whole-house insulation and air sealing improvements…

Sink your TEETH into the full story on the Detroit News website.

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