Who benefits from energy efficiency codes?

Homes and commercial buildings are America’s largest consuming sector of total energy (about 40 percent), natural gas (54 percent), and electricity (71 percent).

Energy efficiency codes benefit us all from an economic, consumer, and conservation standpoint. The guaranteed, consistent energy savings they produce mean they are the only codes that pay for themselves!

Homeowners benefit

  • On average U.S. homeowners pay about $2,340 per year on energy costs – more than they spend on property tax or homeowners insurance on average. Energy efficiency codes can significantly cut homeowner costs.
  • In middle America, home to climate zone 5, Peoria, Illinois, building a house under the 2012 code is saving the average homeowner between $9,870 and $10,080 over the course of a 30-year mortgage, compared to a house built under the 2006 code.

Homebuilders benefit

The U.S. economy benefits

  • Energy efficiency codes have the power to significantly cut energy bills for us all. The Alliance to Save Energy estimated that if the nation were entirely in compliance with the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code by 2013, consumers and businesses would save about $40 billion by the year 2030.

2012 Codes
2015 Codes
No Backsliding


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