11.14.2013  |  BCAP OCEAN Blog

These days it seems that all states are taking some flack as they work toward meeting their Recovery Act obligations by the year 2017, but some aren’t taking “no can do” for an answer. It’s not always easy, especially in home-rule states where current law prohibits the state from adopting a statewide code. But that didn’t stop the state of Illinois, which passed legislation in 2009 to remove the local home-rule jurisdiction over residential energy standards, and adopt the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), even though as a home-rule state, Illinois had never before had in effect a statewide, mandatory energy code for residential dwellings. In the same law, the legislation directed the state to adopt each new version of the IECC within nine months of its publication.

A few years later, when Illinois became one of the first states to adopt the 2012 version of the IECC, some local jurisdictions said “no can do”. The City of Springfield passed an ordinance specifying that the local building department would not enforce the code. Sixteen other local jurisdictions considered the same. So the state stepped up and took action…

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