10.30.2013  |  BCAP OCEAN BLOG

In a high-stakes debate to determine if energy efficient home construction is a real trend or a fleeting fad, local and state public officials from across the U.S. voted overwhelmingly for the former. Rejecting a withering campaign to roll back historic, 30% efficiency gains from the 2009 and 2012 versions of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), the officials produced a 2015 IECC that is equivalent to or perhaps slightly more energy efficient than the 2012 version it updates.

The immediate winners from the dozens of votes they cast at the International Code Council’s October Public Comment Hearings are America’s homebuyers – who will continue to pocket tens of thousands of dollars in lifetime savings from lower energy bills and live in better quality homes that are more comfortable, quieter, and enjoy a higher resale value…

EECC Director Bill Fay goes into more detail on the BCAP OCEAN blog.

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